Wednesday, October 3, 2012

There is a Zombie Run for Your Life

It's in New Berlin, NY on August 31st.  You can sign up to be a running or crawling zombie, or a racer.

You In?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

There really are spirit bears living in the wild places left in the north western forests of our country.  They are called Kermode bears, and you can read about them and see more photos by clicking on this link.

The legends that Native people created about these beautiful and strong white bears inspired author Ben Mikaelson when he wrote his story Touching Spirit Bear.

Is this book the story of a hero? You and your parents will have a chance to decide for yourselves as we read this book and post our comments here on our blog.

Who's a hero?  What makes a person -- or a dog or a horse-- a hero?  

Are heroes born, or do we all have it in us to become heroes when we need to be?   

Who are your heroes?  

Are YOU the hero of your own life?

Let's explore these questions together....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rapping to Cole

Responsibility Rap

YO! Cole!  You think you're cool?

The truth is you are really cruel.
Your anger makes you act the fool. 
Didn't your parents go to school?
They sure didn't teach you the Golden Rule!

You blame everybody but yourself
You hold your rage like precious wealth
You lack any ability 
To take on your responsibility
Your toughness is just vanity
Your attitude is pure insanity

Will Circle Justice be the way?
On the island will you stay?
In solitude can you betray
  the people who sent you far away?

There really is a time to grow
So breathe deep Cole, begin to know
That when you're left with yourself
There's no place else to go.

Will you learn the Golden Rule
 or stay on the path of an angry fool?
it's just not cool Cole, it's just not cool.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Short Story Recipe In Sarah's Kitchen as pm Lit 1 Gets Cooking!

What are the ingredients of a good short story?  Chef Sarah has a surefire recipe that we'll be using to evaluate the short stories we read between now and Thanksgiving break.

3  cups of characters being human
2 cups of detail
2 cups of plot
1 ½ cups of dialog
1 ½ cups of action
1 ½ cups of a good ending.  * Note on this ingredient: Can leave the ending hanging only if there is a sequel.  End the story so that the reader is satisfied and feels like the story is done.  And no “The Ends”!!!

Story #1:Standing on the Roof Naked

Thursday, September 30, 2010


    What happens when you hold an             Atomic Fireball in your mouth as long as you can?


Mouth on fire. Throat is burning. I feel like I just ate fire.  This pain is going on and on and on and it won't end.  It hurts!  Caitlin

                     I am eating a Fireball now and it feels like my throat has red hot coals from a fire in my mouth.  It reminds me of a time a bee stung my tongue.

At first the Fireball was tasty.  It was a tad spicy and cinnamonny, Then it started getting spicier. My eyes started watering and my cheek went numb.The taste of cinnamon gave way to the spiciness of the hot ball and my tongue went numb. It want on like that for awhile then the pain receded and the taste came back and I enjoyed it.
(Kyle came back for a second helping! Jackie )

My tongue is numb, I can't taste anymore.  When I breathe in the Fireball makes my tongue burn worse than it already does. Most of the flavor of the fireball is gone. When I swallow it burns. 

   Now that's descriptive writing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thunder rolls closer.
Jays calling, clouds low, warm wind;
Last week of soft sounds.

Those three lines are an example of precision.

Precision is all about taking time.
Time to settle in your body.
Time to calm your mind.

Then, when you are more fully present, your wisdom and creativity are more available to you. You can choose exactly the words you want to say what you need to say or write.

Then you stop and feel where the words came from inside you.

You try it. Settle yourself. Feel your feet on the floor. Feel your breath ride through you. Open your heart and mind to yourself.

When ready, write a 5-7-5 poem using the words: this term